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We are a company from the littoral region that was born with the purpose of attending the needs of mercants ships and oil vessels operating in the area of the hidrovia parana-paraguay. Helping the naval industry in a critical subject such as protection and fire fighting with the higher international standards. Founder members of the santa fe chamber of the naval industry, from which we form an active part with the commitment to develop the potential of our ports and the region. In september 2012, we were awarded with the distinction to industrial merit, granted by fisfe (Santa Fe industrial federation). In the current, we have extended our services to plants and companies that require a specialized service for the prevention and fire fighting.

We have international certifications from Lloyd´s Register of Shipping (england), RINA italian navegation registry (italy), NKK nippon kaiji kyokai (japan) and ABS american bureau of shipping (USA) for inspection and certification of fire fighting sistems, equipment and means of evacuation. Enablings of prefectura naval argentina as laboratory of destructive testing and non-destructive testing, naval repair and naval workshop of fire fighting. Enablings of prefectura nacional naval from the eastern Republic of Uruguay as naval workshop of fire fighting.

Members of international marine purchasing association (IMPA) the largest association of maritime suppliers in the world.